Reference Laboratory Testing

Our team at Innovo Veterinary Group is pleased to offer reference laboratory testing.  

Although we have a wide array of diagnostic options available in the clinic, sometimes your pet may require more advanced laboratory testing to confirm a diagnosis, monitor therapeutic drug levels, or further investigate a systemic illness. For these specific tests, a sample is sent out to a reference laboratory. 

The benefit of using a specialized laboratory is the availability of specialized medicine internists and clinical pathologists who are involved in sample analysis. Often, general practice veterinarians consult with these professionals to troubleshoot a patient’s illness and discuss a more in-depth interpretation of the results and treatment guidelines. 

We are pleased to offer the following reference laboratory tests, please call our offices for an extensive list of the tests available. 

  • Specialist diagnostic imaging interpretation 
  • Pathology  
  • Specialized blood testing  
  • Allergy testing  
  • Fecal Testing 

For more information about laboratory tests, check out our pet health library!