We have evolved to embrace the human-animal bond with love and respect. Our pets are members of the family and many of us describe ourselves as pet parents. Because of advances in veterinary medicine and preventive care, as well as the migration of pets from the backyard to the house, pets are living longer and in closer relationships with humans than ever before. The longer the relationship, the stronger the bond. The stronger the bond, the more challenging it is to consider the end of a pet’s life, including the difficult decisions around euthanasia. Although it is heartbreaking to think about the fact that our pet’s lives are generally shorter than our own, thinking about your pet’s eventual need for euthanasia and making a plan ahead of time will relieve much of the stress associated with decisions made when the end of life is near. 

Our compassionate team of professionals at Innovo Veterinary Group is here to support you and your pet through every stage of your pet’s life. We offer in-clinic and house call euthanasia services. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of aftercare services through Gateway Pet Memorial to ensure you get the service you need during this difficult time.  

For more information about euthanasia, check out our pet health library.