In-House Medical Imaging


In-House Medical Imaging

Medical imaging methods provide information through non-invasive means. Our team of medical imaging specialists and support staff have experience with a variety of specialized equipment.

We are pleased to offer the following medical imaging techniques in-house for your convenience. If we do not offer a necessary test in-house at our clinic, we will work with our reference laboratories to ensure your pet gets the test they need.

Endoscopy: A tiny camera is inserted into the body and permits inspection of the inside of these hollow organs.

Radiographs:  The use of x-rays allows our doctors to view areas of the body that have contrasting tissue densities and when viewing solid tissues.

Ultrasound: Converts echoes to images giving a 2-dimensional representation of the tissues under examination.

Electrocardiogram: Records electrical impulses produced as the heart beats, aiding with the detection of abnormalities within the heart.