In-House Laboratory Diagnostics


In-House Laboratory Diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostic tests provide insight into your pet’s health and allow our doctors to make efficient and accurate diagnosis of your pet in situations where the cause of illness is not clear from a physical exam alone. Our team at Innovo will provide you and your pet with fast and easy diagnostic tests and interpretation to make sure that you are supported along every stage of your pets visit.

We are pleased to offer in-house diagnostics. This means that there is no waiting for results to return from reference laboratories. In most cases, results will be available within one hour. This allows our care team to start treatment as soon as possible.

Laboratory diagnostics allow for early detection of various conditions including liver disease, kidney disease, urinary tract infection, diabetes, parasitic infection and many more conditions. The earlier a condition is found, and treatment started, the better the prognosis.

We are please to offer the following laboratory tests in-house for your convenience. If we do not offer a necessary test in house at our clinic, we will work with our reference laboratories to ensure your pet gets the test they need.

We are pleased to offer: