Nutrition Counselling

Each animal has individual nutritional needs depending on their age, breed, lifestyle, and various other factors. Choosing a high-quality food from the hundreds of available brands and formulas can be challenging. Our veterinary health care team can help you select a diet that is backed by scientific principles and research and that meets your dog’s individual needs.

The changing balance between food intake and activity can sneak up on you as your pet gets older and activity levels lower. Our veterinarians can help you determine the optimum balance between caloric intake and exercise to significantly reduce the risk of obesity. Upon your visit our team will weigh your pet and discuss their diet and current activity, this will help us determine whether any dietary and nutritional adjustments are necessary. Obesity can lead to joint damage, heart disease, kidney or thyroid problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer.

Our team at Innovo can help you make smart nutritional choices. We can also prescribe specialized nutritious meals to help your pet cope with food allergies, anti-inflammatory foods to treat disorders such as osteoarthritis, and diets designed to address systemic internal conditions.

We carry a wide array of veterinary diets and supplements to ensure that your pet receives all their vital nutrients.

For more information about pet nutrition, check out our pet health library!

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