Our team at Innovo is pleased to offer a variety of blood testing profiles to fit your pet’s specific needs. If we do not offer in-house diagnostics for your pet’s area of concern, we will work with our reference laboratories to obtain the testing that you need.

Complete Blood Count

The complete blood count, commonly called a CBC is a routine blood test that is used in all stages of health and illness. It is a simple test that gives information about the different cell types in the blood and can indicate the presence of many forms of disease. Most of the blood cells come from bone marrow, so the CBC can also be used indirectly to assess the health of the bone marrow

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Serum Biochemistry

There are many substances in serum, including proteins, enzymes, lipids, hormones, etc. Testing for these various substances provides information about the organs and tissues in the body as well as the metabolic state of the animal. If a test result is abnormal, it may indicate that disease is present.

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Pre- Anesthetic Blood Profile

The Pre-Anesthetic Blood Profile helps alert our surgeon to the presence of dehydration, anemia, infection, diabetes and/or kidney or liver disease that could complicate the procedure. These conditions may not be detected without a pre-anesthetic profile thus not allowing for the most appropriate and safest anesthetic regime to be administered. These tests are similar to those your own physician would run if you were to undergo anesthesia. In addition, these tests may be useful if your pet’s health changes to develop faster, more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

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